GOINDIA TECHNOLGIES- software development

GoIndia Technologies is one of the major player in Software Development, be it CRM/ERP. GoIndia Technologies offers Customers Relationsship Managment of commercial open source managment software for companies of all sizes. As of now quite numbers of companies throughout the world enjoy the benefits of Symentech CRM\ERP modules on stream. Our CRM has been proven more flexible, cost-effective alternative to proprietary applications. These are the main reasons why many businessmen and enterprises have chosen GoIndia Technologies.

Special Features of CRM/ERP Applications :

  • 1. Compatibility with any company regradless its size and structure
  • 2. Easy customization duo to open source architecture
  • 3. Smooth integration of new modules and applications
  • 4. Low implementation cost
  • 5. Timely professional support
  • 6. Easy access to the system form internet

our custom solutions

for Enterprises & Business

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ERP solutions

For Pharmacy Collage, Rubber & Plastic Mouldings, Textlies.

CRM Projects

Customer Relationship Management software for all industries.

Networking Solutions

A broad range of software used for design, implementation, and operation and monitoring.

SEO Projects

We deliver the seo console for your business to reach clients.

Web Based Solutions

For more speed we use solid-state drives on all our web hosting plans.